Contact and a little bit about me

As a game developer I have a strong passion for visuals in games, everything from how the lighting works, beatiful vistas and skyboxes, to enjoying the meshes the artist have spent time crafting. All of it contributes to how the final image will look like, and I want to push the visuals as far is possible on modern machines. I am currently working at Star Stable Entertainment as a rendering programmer, where I am trying to do just that, give that extra bit of magic to the visuals, or helping out the artists being able to realise their visions.

Before I got in to coding I used to work as a character artist, this has helped me a lot as a programmer when working with artists and visuals. But after a long workday I am a very social person who loves nothing more than a good afterwork in the sun. Otherwise playing boardgames or learning new stuff is what I would say is the best way to spend a weekend.

If you want to check out my artworks they can be found on my Artstation, if you would rather find my code projects, either stay on this site or go to my GitHub.

If you want to reach out to me please email me at
Have a great day! =)